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The humane bath - Your pet will be lovingly bathed by well-trained and supervised bathers.  We only use top quality professional shampoos to cleanse, exfoliate and soothe the skin.  Our special massaging technique scrubs away dander, oil and dirt from your pet's coat.  In addition, to complete this incomparable bath experience, we use all the very best conditioners and finishing sprays to leave your pet looking shined and show worthy.  Your best friend will feel the difference and you're sure to see it too!


For your pet's safety and comfort, special eye drops, designed expressly for the purpose, are used for specific bath types such as medicated and flea baths.  Otherwise, a mild tearless shampoo is used for the facial area.


* During grooming and as part of the service without extra charge, your pet will be observed for any health problems and you will receive a verbal report of these observations.


* Your pet's nails will be expertly clipped.


* Your pet's ears will be checked, cleaned and deodorized.  





We subscribe to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet.  Our groomers are always kept abreast of the latest in pet styling, skills and tools.  The Clipper Vac System we employ keeps the grooming floor clean and sanitary.  Moreover, it lifts the pet's coat for the most even overall trimming possible.  Each caring Certified Groomer provides a unique touch that keeps pets looking their best.  You may certainly request your favorite groomer for your session!


There's a reason we have so many loyal customers which we have been proud to be serving in South Windsor and the surrounding towns for 25+ years.


We have an ongoing concern for the safety and comfort of all pets.  That being said, Groomer's Helper is the stable and effective table restraint we utilize exclusively. This patented arm and looper combination is the best on the market and it allows us to handle your pet with the least encumberment and greatest stability. 


We treat each pet as an individual and we've been grooming many, many of our clients since they were puppies!  Most come in with their tails wagging knowing they'll be spoiled rotten!  


Sometimes, (to our dismay) we see dogs and cats that are especially matted.  In most of these cases we suggested a shave down to allow the skin to breath and the fur to grow back in a healthy manner.  If dematting is possible, we will do this for an extra charge.  Proper brushing/combing at home is best remedy to prevent recurrence.  Ask one of our professionals to suggest a brush or comb for you and to show you the easiest technique to keep the coat tangle free between grooms.  


To keep your pet looking (and smelling!) fine all the time, it's best to have him or her seen on a 6 to 8 week basis.  We can set up scheduled appointments at whatever interval you choose and will a make reminder call to you the prior evening.


Also, to receive valuable promotions and coupons, please let us know your most recent email address.  You'll be very glad you did!          

Grooming Services:

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